Long Hair Cuts


Choosing Long Hair Cuts
What’s The Right Cut For You?

When choosing long hair cuts, you should first take into consideration your face shape. A proper hair cut can compliment your particular shape, and add to your beauty. Of course, the opposite is true; the wrong hair cut could actually take away from your beauty. To maintain such a cut, I highly recommend making your own shampoo.

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With that, let's get started!


Oval Face Shapes The oval face is considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. You're pretty much free to pick up the hairstyle you fancy and ask your hairdresser to do it. You can wear long or short hair, straight or curly. There are really no limitations for this face shape.

Round Face Shapes – A round face has curvilinear lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles. Avoid the fringes and bobs. You should wear your hair flat on sides and high on the top so it gives the idea that your face is longer than it is in reality. Having some hair come forward, in front of your shoulders, also takes away some of the "roundness" that your face has to offer. 

Oblong Face Shapes – The oblong face is longer than it is wide and has a long straight cheek line and sometimes a longish nose. To make the face appear shorter and more balanced, pick cuts that give the illusion of width. If you have straight hair, you can create more width with bangs. Chin-length bobs and cuts are also ideal for you because they also create the illusion of width. Curls & waves also add width, but avoid short layers that add volume on top. Bangs make your face appear shorter because they cover up your forehead (and for this face shape, that wouldn't be very complimentary). Shy away from blunt bangs & go for side swept bangs.

Square Face Shapes – A square face has a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, plus the width and length are in the same proportions. You should do everything possible to soften the lines and reduce the "square-ness". Again, wear your hair high on the top and lay your hair around your face so it will lengthen it and appear not to be so square.

Triangular Face Shapes – There are two types of triangular face shapes. Base-down and base-up.

-          Base-up has a wide and high forehead, and then it's narrowed towards the middle, and ends with a small chin. Your hair cut should then give an illusion of widening your face at the jaw line.

-          Base-down has a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas. You'll want to have a hair cut that gives the illusion of width more on top by your forehead, rather than towards the bottom by your jaw line. 

Rectangular Face Shapes – These face shapes should add some width with their hair cut, i.e. by wearing curls and try to shorten their face, which a fringe might do. Do not ask for a straight long hairstyle, it will make your face look much too long.

As you're going through the mass of all the different hair cuts and styles, remember to take into consideration your unique face shape. Many times what you see in pictures will not look the same on you, unless you have the same face shape as the model in the photo. So choose carefully, which style/cut you decide on, because you won't be able to take it back easily!

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*Face Shape Diagram Courtesy of Style Studio